Here are some fantastic videos that I would like to share with you about tone, musicality, and low playing for the trombone.

Each topic is presented by professional bass trombonists who share their tips and tricks for mastering these important aspects of playing. Then you get to hear all the video topics in action as each video has a solo trombone musical demonstration which I feel properly encapsulates the topic.

So go ahead, give these videos a watch, and get ready to discover some of the best trombone playing there is. If you love what you hear, feel free to explore more of these amazing musicians and their music to further develop your playing and aural image. 

In this first video, we hear Hecht, the esteemed utility-trombonist of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra deliver an informative discourse on the subject of tone development for bass trombone players, emphasizing the significance of this aspect of performance.

This video features the exceptional bass trombonist, Randall Hawes. Mr. Hawes is widely regarded as a master of tone production and his rendition of the 'Arioso of King René' is a testament to his mastery. His interpretation of the piece showcases a rich and full bass trombone tone, evoking a sense of depth and darkness in his playing. 

This video presents a rare and valuable opportunity to gain insights from a leading figure in the classical music world. Dietmar Küblböck, the esteemed Vienna Philharmonic Principal Trombone, serves as a coach to Jacob Mezera, imparting his extensive knowledge and experience of orchestral playing. One thing to take away from this video is how musical can one be on a passage.

This video serves as an excellent resource for musicality. James Markey, a highly skilled and versatile bass trombone player, performs the first movement of the Brahms Cello Sonata in E Minor in a diverse range of styles, showcasing his remarkable musicianship and mastery of the piece.

James Markey is recognized as a highly skilled and accomplished bass trombone player, renowned for his technical proficiency and artistic expression. With a mastery of dynamic control and a rich, full tone, Markey has a deep understanding of the instrument's complex range and versatility. In this video, he shares his insights on the art of playing low on the bass trombone, offering a unique perspective on the technical and musical aspects of the instrument.

Charlie Vernon is widely regarded as one of the finest bass trombone players of our time. In this musical demonstration, you will have the opportunity to hear the concepts taught by James Markey in the previous video come to life through Charlie Vernon's outstanding performance of the third movement of the Ewazen Bass Trombone Concerto.